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Tax advice for private individuals

We advise private individuals in all areas of tax law, the law on social security contributions and legal issues arising in the context of tax planning.


Tax planning forward

Analysis of asset situation, tax-efficient asset structuring, use of foundations and trusts, succession planning for entrepreneurs.


Inheritance planning and estate administration forward

Advice regarding inheritance tax law and taxation of donations, drafting of prenuptial agreements, wills and inheritance agreements, assistance of heirs during the administration of the inheritance mandates as executors of the will.


Relocation to and from Switzerland forward

Comprehensive assistance in relation to relocation to and from Switzerland, evaluation of places of residence, applications for tax rulings (including lump-sum taxation), value-added tax and customs duties, immigration law, work permits, property purchase permits.


Real estate taxes forward

Advice on the direct and indirect holding of real estate, support in replacement transactions, tax calculations.


Secondments and expatriates forward

Special national and international questions on payroll taxes, preparation of tax declarations in the case of a retrospective ordinary assessment or supplementary assessment.


Social security law forward

Special questions on national and cross-border social security law, especially questions on the applicable law in cross-border situations.


Tax returns (compliance) forward

Preparation of tax returns (income and wealth tax, real estate capital gains tax, real estate transfer tax, tax on donations and inheritance tax, customs declarations), control of tax invoices and assessments (including social security contributions).


Prevention and compliance - advice in the area of penal tax law forward

Examination of structures from a tax viewpoint (health check); assistance in restructurings and voluntary disclosures.